Become an Agent

  • There is no start up costs
  • All Agents that sign up will get discount on the normal fragrances (Dubai & Mini’s will be a different rate)
  • All Agents need to have regular sales to stay on Agent pricing
  • All Agents can be removed by us as an Agent upon our discretion if they are found to use the Extreme Fragrances name in any way OR if we find that Agents are not following the criteria with their customers regarding the information about the product
  • At this stage Agents pay R 150 and if their sales are regular then we will place them on R 130
  • We do not deal with your customers at all please

Important Note:

Please do not use or advertise any brand/trade mark names at all on websites or social media platforms. These are protected by the Cosmetic houses and may result in serious legal issues.

As our products are replica’s and inspired by the originals we may not use the brand names of the cosmetic houses.

Complete the Form Below in order to join us:

As soon as we have added you as an Agent you will get an email – Please do not keep completing the form