Authentic Ladies Gift Sets

A parallel import (also referred to as “grey goods”) is a genuine product which is imported from another country without the consent of the Intellectual Property right owner. The parallel import is then sold in the country (for example in South Africa) at a lower price and without the usual guarantee and/or after sales service that usually comes with it. A parallel importer is someone who purchases the genuine products in another country and imports these products into South Africa for resale. The reason for this is generally that the goods are considerably cheaper in the foreign country and the profit margin would be greater if the products are sold in South Africa otherwise than through the authorized or approved distributors.

In terms of this regulation, the notice must also state that NO GUARANTEE OR WARRANTY WILL BE HONOURED by any authorized importer of such goods. This regulation provides protection to the consumer and allows the consumer to make a well- informed choice, as the consumer is then aware that they are paying a reduced price for the product because no after sales guarantees or warrantees are provided.
Note:  These Products may take 4-6 weeks for delivery

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